Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Jimmy, Guy, and Pat Travel Today

“We on the road again today?” Guy asked, accepting a cup of coffee from his boyfriend Jimmy.

“Yeah.  Two stops.  First, Wicked Faerie’s Tales and Reviews.”

“Yeah?  Wicked, huh?  What you wearing?”

“Just my regular stuff.  I think you should go with the leather vest and pants, though.”  Jimmy had that glint in his eye, the one hot-wired to Guy’s dick.

“Not a chance.”

“No?  Even if I beg?”

“No.  It’s freaking cold out there.  Maybe over the long johns and a shirt.”  Guy glared at Jimmy’s smirk.  “And we’re taking the truck, not the bike.”

“Awwww, my big, cute biker’s afraid he’ll get his toes cold?”

Guy shook his head.  Jimmy’s teasing wasn’t going to get to him today.  Besides, he had teasing of his own when they slipped into bed tonight.

“You said we’ve got two places to visit.  Who else?”

Jimmy looked like he was working himself into a little pout, so Guy stood sipping his coffee and waited him out.

Finally Jimmy sighed.

“It’s just all work today, then is it?” he asked.

Guy nodded.

“Then we go to Kristy’s Brain Food.”

Guy started laughing.  “Should have started there.  Looks like someone needs a little brain food today.”

Hope all of you can join Jimmy, Guy, and author Pat at WickedFaerie’s and Kristy’s Brain Food.  Should be a lively day.
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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Jimmy and Guy Take off Again

Join Jimmy and Guy as they go on the road to visit three blogs and drink coffee with gay romance readers.  Here’s a behind the scenes look at the two protagonists from What’s in a Name? discussing their upcoming day:

Jimmy: Got a big day ahead of us.  We’ve got three places to visit today, so I’ve made an extra thermos of vanilla and chicory French roast to keep away the chill.

Guy: Yeah?  So where we heading?

Jimmy:  Well, first stop is with Love Bytes.

Guy: Oh, yeah, I remember them.  They made us Book of the Week a couple weeks back or so.

Jimmy: Actually, our fans made us BoW.  And we've got to thank them.  Plus we get to hang out with Dan again.

Guy:  Good!  He’s a real stand-up guy.  Gave our book a really great review.

Jimmy: Yup, he’s the one.  Can’t wait to connect with him again.  Then we’re off to Bayou Book Junkie, which is why I added the chicory to the coffee.

Guy: Wonder if they know Pat’s related to a bunch of fun-ass Cajuns outside Opelousas?

Jimmy: Probably not.  But remind me to tell them.  Pat’s going to talk about the perfect book hero and being a reviewer there.

Guy: Be good to hang with Pat again.  I’m not sure about the chicory, though.

Jimmy: You don’t have to drink a lot of it, big guy.  Our final stop of the day is at 3 Chicks After Dark.

Guy: Oh, yeah?  And what do three chicks do after dark?

Jimmy shrugs: We’ll visit and find out.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Guy tells it like it is on Valentine’s Day

Guy, the bartender of Stonewall Saloon, has this to say about his Valentine's Day shopping experience:

I know in past years, I’ve downplayed V Day.  Okay, right.  I’ve made fun of the fools who rush out and throw money down in the name of love.  I mean, how stupid can some guys get?

I also know some of you are laughing at me this year.  Yeah, go ahead.  Hardy-har-har.

I’m man enough to admit when I’ve been the stupid one, and the rest of you knew something I didn’t.  I get it now.

So I walk into the Hallmark Store, the Hallmark Store for god’s sake, and look at cards.  This cute little grandma tiptoes up to me.

“May I help you, sir?” she whispers.

I almost shout back, “Say what?” but I restrain.

“Just lookin’ for a card for my sweetie,” I say.

She looks at me, her mouth open, like I just spit on the damned floor.

“Oh, my,” she mutters.

What?  I can’t get a mushy fucking card for Jimmy without being harassed and having to take down grandma?  WTF?

“What’s your girlfriend like?” she timidly asks me.

I’m about to yell at her to man up, but I say, “Boyfriend,” instead.

“Oh, my,” she repeats herself.

She takes a step back and eyes me up and down.

“Well, I have a special collection of cards in the back, if you’ll follow me.”

Oh, God!  The special grandma collection.

We go through a curtained doorway, past a sign that says something like “This ain’t Hallmark back here.  Hallmark has nothing to do with what you see back here.  Visit this room at your own risk.”  WTF?

This annex is darker, closer, crowded with dildos, whips, leather, and candy.  I pick up one of the little boxes of sugar candy hearts.  “Screw,” “fuck,” “BJ,” and “Ram It” are written on the ones I can see through the little plastic window.

Okay, yeah, this ain’t your typical Hallmark.  This is more like your Good Vibrations version, only not in the city.

“Hey, Leroy!” granny says, louder than she was talking on the other side of the curtain.  “This guy needs help.”

Hey, now.  I wouldn’t go that far.  Maybe guidance, but I don’t need help.

This old guy with wrinkled tattooed skin and piercings everywhere, wearing a leather vest, tight leather pants, and boots, looks up from the chair where he was sitting and thumbing through a magazine.

“Thanks, Marge.  I got it.”

She nods to him and slides away back into the other reality behind the curtain.

“What can I get you, young man?” the geezer asks.

“I need a card and a present,” I answer.

He, like granny, gives me the up and down.

“This way.  I got just what you need.”

How surprised am I when he does?  Real surprised.
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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

On the Road Again

Jimmy: Aren't you ready yet?
Guy: Hold up.  I'm getting there.  What's the hurry anyway?
J: They're expecting us.  Now.  Not tomorrow.  The day's half done--even in California.
G: So?  It's barely begun in Hawaii. (Gives J a hug.)
J: Nope, not going there, big guy.  You're trying to distract me.
G: Me?  Nah.
(Jimmy gives Guy a slap on the ass.)
G: Oh, we're playing like that, are we?
J (holding up his hands in surrender): No, no!  Just trying to get you to move faster.
G (sighs): Where're we going again?
Jimmy: Not far.  Just three places:

Multitasking Mommas
Scattered Thoughts & Rogue Words
The Novel Approach

 G: Sounds good.  What're you waiting for?  Let's go.
J: Guuuuuy!

Join Jimmy and Guy today at the next leg of the Keep Us in Mind Tour.  They'll be there all day.  And if you want to know more about them, you can order "What's in a Name?" at these booksellers:
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