Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Contributions Welcome!

At the beginning of When Adam Fell, Adam is given a check from his former lover and a list of GLBTQ organizations to which he can give the money should he decide not to accept it.

I got the idea about this list from Elisa Rolle, whose Rainbow Awards are a big part of the GLBTQ writing year. I asked her if I could share her list, and she graciously agreed.

I'm a supporter of three organizations (PFLAG, Sacramento PFLAG, and Lambda Literary), and I urge all my readers to support the organizations of their choice. We can't do enough to support equality for everyone.

Click here to see Elisa's wonderful list (as well as the Rainbow Awards information).

And if you'd like to read about Adam and his true love in When Adam Fell, you can get a copy from these online retailers:

Friday, February 19, 2016

You Deserve to Be Loved

Vance Bastian and Jayne Lockwood interview me on a WROTE podcast that went live today. We talk about why I write gay romance and a bunch of other things.

And it all happens just in time for the February 24 release of the 4th Foothills Pride story, When Adam Fell.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Until February 7, Dreamspinner Press is having a book sale!

If you haven't read the Foothills Pride novella series, this is a good time to start!  Not only are the three existing books on sale -- What's in a Name?, Redesigning Max, and Behr Facts -- but also the fourth book which releases Feb. 24 -- When Adam Fell -- is on sale too.

The sale prices are only available at Dreamspinner. So visit and get caught up with the men of Stone Acres, California!