Friday, October 23, 2015

Guy Stone of What's in a Name? Talks about Loving Jimmy

I'm hearing a lot of grumbling from my fictional men today because Guy got to tell his side of the story at Romance Lives Forever.

Let me remind you guys that you had your chance when I sat down to write your stories.  Either of you could have stepped up and been the narrator--either of you.  But one of you stepped up.  When I find a couple who both want to tell their story, well, then I'll write their book accordingly.

But in the meantime, no more bad-mouthing Guy because he found a place to share what he had to say.

Really, guys, a little decorum, please!  (And Fredi wipe that grin off your face.  Just because you know Max won't be giving an interview or answering questions, and just because you're the only couple married doesn't make you more special than anyone else.)

Don't know what I'm talking about?  Well, maybe you should read the books!  Just a thought.  (See Amazon links to the right of this post.  Or go to Dreamspinner Press to find out more about the series.)

Have a great day!  And don't forget to read what Guy has to say.

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