Sunday, December 21, 2014

Pre-order Available! Get a Price Break Now

This whole publishing process has been a little surreal to me.  I signed a contract, but doubted it really meant the novella would be published.  I went through each of the three edits, and still doubted.  I emailed AngstyD, the marvelous cover artist, back and forth and came out with what I think of as a kick-ass cover design, and still doubted.

But now, today, I'm beginning to believe!  Today you can pre-order the novella at a reduced price.  That must mean the novella will be published on January 21, right?

At any rate, I think readers will enjoy this little story, so I urge everyone to pre-order it as a tiny present to yourself for after the hustle-bustle of the holidays.  My tag for the book is:

A barista.  A bartender.  And love.

So order a copy and take your e-book reader to a coffee shop, and enjoy!

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