Saturday, December 27, 2014

Preview a Tiny Bit of the Novella

If you're like me, what you're doing today between doing actual things like cleaning up the bits and pieces of Christmas and getting ready for the New Year, you're surfing the Web and looking for something interesting and quick to read.

Well, how about this?  It's a tiny snippet of my forthcoming novella, What's in a Name?  This snippet should give you a little taste for what the novella's about, and if you're intrigued enough, you can pre-order it (and save money--always a plus).


“Okay. How’s this for a deal?” He put down his knife and fork and leaned into the table, stabbing me with his eyes. “I’ll give you a week to guess my name. Seven chances. Every day you can ask a few questions, then come up with what you think my name is. If you’re right, I’ll buy the best bike for you and teach you how to ride it.”

“And if I’m wrong?”

“You owe me a kiss.” He leaned back in satisfaction.

“A kiss? One measly kiss?”

“Oh, I don’t want the measly ones. I mean a real, God of Love kiss. Something to set my ass back a couple a notches.”

Now I really laughed. Right. Me, giving him a humdinger of a kiss? Right. Who were we kidding? Oh, well. Didn’t matter because I was going to accept his challenge.

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